Some musing on mindfulness

The past couple of weeks have presented what turned out to be a lesson in mindfulness for me.

Someone I love very much was going through a traumatic situation and was having a difficult time dealing with things, and reached out for help. 

While I frantically searched my brain for something, anything that could help, I shared a grounding exercise that my therapist used with me when I was in hyper-vigilant mode.

While sitting in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and just breathe quietly, collect your thoughts as best as you can.  Begin to feel with your body, feel your back leaning on the fabric of the chair, feel the seat under your bum.  Relax your arms and legs so they start to feel heavy, sinking into the chair.  Feel your legs, feel your feet, attached to your legs.  Concetrate on your feet, feeling the ground beneath them.  Become one with that ground, feel the connection.  Imagine your feet are the base of a tree, with roots beginning to grow from the bottom of your feet, firmly connecting you to the floor.  Now, breathe in through your nose, deep breath, feeling that breath fill your lungs with good, fresh air.  Breathe out through your mouth, exhaling all of the negative, the bad feelings, thoughts or anger is in that breath.  Keep doing this, while grounded in the moment with the floor.  Stay in the moment, let the negative out, keep breathing in the goodness, the calm, exhaling the bad.

This exercise in grounding helped us both, a reminder to practise grounding and mindfulness every day and to share that knowledge with those who either don’t know the exercise or just need to be reminded to keep at it.

I hope this little blog has been helpful to you, and don’t forget, I am here.  Let’s Talk!

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