Bell Let’s Talk Day

I am all for initiatives that promote and help people with mental illness. I appreciate all that well-meaning people do. I did a test tonight on social media. I received a negative response to my own negative response about the private messages promoting Bell Let’s Talk Day on Facebook. My response was negative because people were sharing a message that was actually not raising money for mental health. I was trying to inform people that if they wanted to actually raise money for this cause, they should use the proper platforms. I did not do my research and believed what I was saying was true. Conflicting research has me somewhat confused.

Regardless, my own thoughts were drawn to what a shitty day I had and after some thought, I realized that the many messages, videos I’ve seen and people talking about mental illness, are actually causing me to feel triggered and insecure, ashamed of this reaction yet not ashamed because I have come so far in my recovery.

Anyways, the test was this: My posts that were negative received so many likes etc., responses, etc. in a short amount of time. I then posted about my triggers and my own mental illness and have not received even close to that response. 2 people “liked” my post. My conclusion, it is okay to say stuff and donate money to some huge campaign, but when a person admits to mental illness and the struggle they are currently experiencing…SILENCE. I have 660 friends on Facebook.

If you are experiencing mental health issues please go here to find out where to get help.

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