Babies & Mountains

The view in Chilliwack, B.C. is simply breathtaking.
Photo by Cory Bilyea

So after a very difficult couple of weeks, student success week came in the nick of time for my sanity. As I sit here looking out the window at the beautiful mountain view, and watch my little grandson sleep, I am starting to feel so much better. There really is something to be said for baby therapy and mountain therapy, combining the two has some very therapeutic effects.

The other wonderful thing about this trip, now that cannabis is legal, B.C. has wonderful dispensaries set up where you can get what you need with no hassle or waiting. On recommendation from many, I have begun using a tincture of CBD and THC, to start the natural cure and or remedy for the pain in my back and for controlling my CPTSD and anxiety issues more naturally. I used to dream of fame and fortune, now I just dream of making it through the day with minimal pain and no anxiety. After 2 days of this combination of beauty, love, and nature, I am feeling pretty good.

Grampa Chris and Rowen
Photo by Cory Bilyea

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