Kindness is contagious

A Southhampton business with a sign supporting frontline workers. (Cory Bilyea/EagleEyes)

This world has been completely turned upside down with this COVID 19 pandemic.

There are so many reports on the news right now about people being rude, selfish or buying up all of the supplies.

People spitting on each other, degrading each other, racism is spiralling out of control and the increasingly frustrating spread of false information on social media is disturbing to say the least.

There are many kind and thoughtful people out there as well and I choose to concentrate my time on them.

  A restaurant owner in Brussels, Ont., is using her  closed business to provide meals to seniors who lost their usual meal provisions when the kitchen was closed down.

The window of Jam Jar Pub & Eatery shows their thanks in Brussels, Ont. (Cory Bilyea/EagleEyes)

A trucking company in Ayr, Ont., is using its idle trucks to transport large, life-saving items from Conestoga College to local hospitals.

People are thankful for the front line workers, the sacrifices that essential workers are making to keep their communities safe.

A window in a home across from the hospital in Goderich thanking the nurses. (Cory Bilyea/EagleEyes)

A white ribbon campaign has started to spread across the land, to let these workers know how much they are loved.

A Southhampton business with a white ribbon tied to their tree, supporting frontline workers. (Cory Bilyea/EagleEyes)

Children in Harriston, Ont., drew pictures and thank you posters that are being displayed in the front windows of a local business.

All over the world, people are doing kind things for other people and it is contagious.

The world is changing, evolving and the people must evolve with it.

The lessons being taught are essential to survival.  Slow down, take time for you.  Enjoy this time with your children, utilize technology to connect with loved ones. 

Money can not be eaten.  Oil can not be swallowed. What’s important is life, ensuring that future generations will benefit from this change and that people will all start to be treated equally.

Kindness is contagious, pass it on.

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